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TWM demo v3.52R3 dla BG1 i BGEE opublikowane
Autor Wiadomość

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Wysłany: 2020-01-17, 22:50   

A debug file: https://easyupload.io/909eg2

File is stored for 15 days.

Also, it would be cool if you could actually split all the components, so one could choose what to install and what not.
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Pan Świtu

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Wysłany: 2020-01-18, 12:29   

@Arthas I would have thought the mod was translated to English, but it seems that many dialogue files in "English" folder are in fact in Polish. Sorry for not checking this before posting about it at SHS.

Well, in that case you would have much better luck asking for it couple of years ago. As you can see there's not so much traffic here anymore. Besides, there are a couple of obstacles that make translating a mod from Polish to English *much* more difficult that the other way around:
- you need to be fluent in Polish and at least very good at English. That means it can basically be done only by a Polish native speaker.
- to make an English translation at least as good as original it has to be proofread by English native speaker. Otherwise, it would be always subpar to original content written in Polish. Even if translator is very good at what he does, he won't use exact the same phrasing that an English native would use. It would always feel like it was translated by non-English speaker, if no proofreading is done.
- Polish community is a bit specific in that its players mostly play in Polish and if mod is created in Polish, there's not much interest to translating it to English (with a couple of notable exceptions).

So yeah, as much as I would love to see Mysteries of the Sword Coast to be more recognized along G3, SHS, PPG or Beamdog forums, I wouldn't hold my breath that it would be fully translated to English anytime soon, if at all.
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Lava Del'Vortel 
Avatar Sune
Łasiczy Szperacz

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Wysłany: 2020-01-18, 13:20   

There are actually some translated quests and some story-related content, but these are installed along with the "core component" so it's quite easy to miss them. The problem is that many of those components were created with old BG1 in mind. That means some stuff is quite buggy on EE... I tested the mod again lately and sent reports to Zed, but when it comes to pace of releasing new versions and components... it's not looking great. The mod isn't dead just yet, but there are many components I suggested and/or worked on and they are still waiting for better times... and I have no idea when those will come. I wish it all went better and - to put it bluntly - in a quicker manner, but I suppose it's not going to change any soon.

Thought I would let you know, as I'm not sure when anyone else from the MotSC/TWM team will respond.
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Wysłany: 2020-01-20, 18:09   

Cahir, no worries. I wanted to check this content and it doesn't seem like I can enjoy it right now. The fact is, so many years passed and the English community can't even experience Sovereign - that's sad.

@Lava Del'Vortel: thanks for your explanation. It would be actually cool if the quest content could be splitted from the "Core" component and be translated. I'll wait until something gets out, if something will ever get out. :P
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Lava Del'Vortel 
Avatar Sune
Łasiczy Szperacz

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Wysłany: 2020-01-20, 21:28   

I'm not a fan of spliting everything, because it was meant to be like Tales of the Sword Coast - you do not install the Durlag's Tower, Balduran's Isle or Ice Isle as seperate things. Also some stuff require other components to work properly or there may be refferences... for example the core component includes Tsuki (aka Lava's most annoying and insolent NPC) and this NPC uses MotSC core coding improvements and banters with other NPCs included in the mod. It wouldn't be totally impossible, but each component would need to check which components were already installed and it would become a huge, time consuiming and possibly buggy process... I wouldn't say it's worth it.
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Wysłany: 2020-01-20, 23:07   

ORE COMPONENTS installed only together as @01 = ~TWM CORE - MAIN CONTENTS~

@02 = ~Choosy NPCs joining & minor NPC dialogs restoration~
@03 = ~BG2 Spells in BG1 (what possible)~
@06 = ~Additional encounters in Baldur's Gate city~
@08 = ~New level of dungeons on Ice Island AR1010~
@09 = ~Winthrop's gift~
@10 = ~Bard's songs~
@11 = ~Items diversifying~
@12 = ~Dangerous night in the wilderness of the Sword Coast~
@13 = ~Special Random Encounters during travelling between maps~
@14 = ~Ann'amorth – new NPC v5b3~
@15 = ~Viconia romance by Tyhe~
@16 = ~Tsuki - new BG1:TWM NPC~
@17 = ~Centeol's redemption~
//@18 = ~Quest “Heart of Darkness”~ //NO ENGLISH TRANSLATION yet
@19 = ~Extended archeological site~
//@22 = ~Rha'She and Astokatae~ //NO ENGLISH TRANSLATION yet :love:

These are the components: but for example ~Dangerous night in the wilderness of the Sword Coast~ is a technical tweak of the kind that I would prefere not to go for, especially considering that one could also use BGspawn or BGTSpawn or normal BGT values.

Or the ice island mentioned: is it the same as UB?

I understand your point of view, though.

The component I was referring to is Heart of Darkness, Centeol's redemption, Rh'ashe and Astokatae. I don't know if Extended archeological site contains quests... but anyway, you understood what I meant.
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Lava Del'Vortel 
Avatar Sune
Łasiczy Szperacz

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Wysłany: 2020-01-21, 10:43   

I believe there are core components that may not be displayed here, because they are 100% tech and players won't see any difference. I will give an example that is valid when installed on old BG1 and is vivid enough to show what I mean - we found out that in BG1 there is a limited number of global variables, thus the mod had to change that and expand that number/limit. Otherwise at some point globals wouldn't be saved and would cause problems in a modded game. Other tech component is an emulation of area types (BG1 scripts were lacking triggers to check that). Both such components are used by Tsuki. And there is a chance there are also other tech stuff that would needed to be checked before installing Tsuki so seperating all of those would be damn annoying and would become problematic for those that aren't as experienced when it comes to installation of mods on BG games.

Actually I don't know if Ice Island is exactly the same... if so, perhaps it's skipped when UB component is detected, I don't really know. Someone else may need to provide such information.

Archeological Site is a quest-like component. I wrote it, same as Hear of Darkness, Centeol's Redemption, Rha'She and Astokatae. I know someone was working on the translation for those... but they disappeared a while ago without sending what they have already finished. Quite sad, but I still have some hope. Perhaps they'll be back.
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Wysłany: 2020-01-21, 16:09   

A note: I don't know if these tweaks not contained in the readme apply to BGT, but kudos to you for still supporting "original" BG1.
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Morgan mnie zbił

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Wysłany: 2023-05-18, 23:29   

Wersja do BGEE zadziałałaby teoretycznie na EET? Numeracja rozdziałów nie zmienia się w BGEE na EET o ile mi wiadomo.
Pod żadnym warunkiem nie usuwać mi warna.

Morganizm wyjaśniony.
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Gwiazda Mystry

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Wysłany: 2023-05-22, 22:18   

Chyba próbowałem go kiedyś instalować na BG1 przed instalacją EET i coś nie zagrało. Może jakby podpatrzeć w TP2 innych modów, co mają tam dopisane odnośnie EET i to przekopiować?
Slainte mhath!
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Wysłany: 2023-08-17, 09:59   

Przyszedłem w sumie zapytać o to samo :)
Gdzieś widziałem informacje że EET przepuszcza tylko mody o których wie, więc trzeba tam coś dodać jeśli instaluje się moda przed EET?
Ale patrząc po postach raczej nie ma co oczekiwać wersji na EET bo ludzie się wykruszyli :(
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