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Nowe wersje modów [X 2014]
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Wysłany: 2014-10-14, 07:56   Nowe wersje modów [X 2014]

Jesień, jesień już za pasem, nadchodzi czas długich wieczorów spędzonych na wędrówkach po Wybrzeżu Mieczy i Amn. A twórcy modów nie próżnują. Oto kolejne aktualizacje i coś nowego dla entuzjastów BG:EE.

- Distinguishable clubs v1.1 - niewielki mod dodający nowe grafiki dla kilku maczug występujących w BG:EE. Mod można pobrać stąd

- Kivan and Deheriana Companions v15 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed a number of crash bugs for BGIIEE caused by a lack of character set conversion
* Fixed a bug where some items, notably Kivan's bow and shield, would disappear from his inventory
* Jozzi now properly re-appears after defeating the Sahuagin king
* Fixed a bug where Lilarcor would banter with Kivan despite not being equipped
* Fixed bugs with a handful of banters that ended with NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS
* Fixed a bug with the description of Kivan's arrows
* Streamlined install

- Sarah v4 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* French translation by Le Marquis from Les d'Oghmatiques
* Fixed k#sarahb.d and k#sarahb.tra: @670 and @671 were present twice, with different texts
* Fixed directory name for BG II portraits (was "bge" while tp2 uses "bg2")
* Fixed large portrait for BG2EE (it was the same as medium)
* Updated the tp2 to take into account the charset for BG2EE as per the new solution used in Edwin Romance V2.06
* WeiDU Updated to v236

- BG2 Tweak Pack v16 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed a bug where Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items or Remove Fatigue from Restoration Spells would not work in 1% of circumstances
* Fixed a bug that prevented Remove Delay for Magical Traps (Ardanis/GeN1e) from installing
* Remove Racial Restrictions for Single Classes will now change the maximum charisma for dwarves to 17, allowing them to become paladins and preventing a freeze during character creation
* Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six was not taking advantage of the fixed worldmap for BGIIEE games
* Modernized install for Sensible Entrance Points, specifically the tileset unpack for the changed NORH
* Added Jerrod's Mace to the Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent
* Removed internal debug code from Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight
* Do Not Reveal City Maps missed a couple of area reveals via cutscene, notably Waukeen's Promenade being revealed during the Irenicus/Cowled Wizard cutscene

- BG1 Romantic Encounters v1.1 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Tweaking of text line to make the private Bjornin encounter less ambiguous
* Tweaking of Dirty Guard encounter to remove verbal threats towards the PC
* Shortened the Bartus component to remove too dark content
* Re-arranged the installer for a new install choice "skip components with warnings" plus according readme-edits
* Removed listing of vanilla BG1 from the readme's compatibility list
Then they summoned me over to join in with them
To the dance of the death.
Into the circle of fire I followed them
Into the middle I was led
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