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Nowe wersje modów [IX 2014]
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Wysłany: 2014-09-26, 22:34   Nowe wersje modów [IX 2014]

Wrzesień, miesiącem posuchy wśród modów? Ależ skąd...lawina ruszyła. Oto co przygotowali dla nas modderzy:

- The Undying 2.51 - nową wersję moda można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Compatible to work with Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.
* Callisto's banters with PC are timer related.
* Ninafer's banters with PC are timer related.
* Grouped together dialog files that are related.
* Traified the mod for translations.
* Minor character's in the mod have portraits assigned to them.
* Added ambient sounds to the tavern.
* Patched the Harder in Game Enemies option.
- Baldur's Gate Tweak Pack v.15 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed bug with components that added strings for non-English installs on Enhanced Editions. * New macros were coded and employed for components which update item descriptions (e.g. * Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P).
* Finally got Alter Weapon Proficiency System: Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies to finally stop flubbing on replacing the ninja-to text. I think.
* NPCs Don't Fight already covered the new Enhanced Edition NPCs for BGEE; now it also does so for BGIIEE
* Romance Cheats was simplified and expanded to cover the Enhanced Edition NPCs
* Improved Fate Spirit Summoning also updated to cover the Enhanced Edition NPCs
* Added Give Cespenar Cromwell's Recipes, Remove Summoning Cap, and Do Not Reveal City Maps components
* Neutral Characters Make Happy Comments at Mid-Range Reputation now better accounts for the happiness setup in Enhanced Edition games
* Armor list used for various components now accounts for IWD armor for IWD-in-BG2 or IWDEE games
* Fully deprecated the Description Updates for Universal Clubs Component
* Higher HP on Level Up should be a little faster, as it'll no longer try to patch tables already patched
* Updated the Change Experience Point Cap - Remove Completely option to account for yet more tables softcoded by the Enhanced Engine series
* Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight will now work on a dynamic search for magically-created items, instead of a fixed list. Since this now potentially reaches a broader list than the BG2 Fixpack, the Fixpack will no longer preclude this being installed.
* Unlimited Ammo Stacks will now cover spears, for mods which add them
* Added screening for components to detect upcoming IWDEE release and show/hide components as appropriate
* Exotic Item Pack now updates the proficiencies for creatures who have their weapons changed; on BGEE Krumm's magical club will be moved nearby instead of being overwritten
* ToB-Style NPCs will now try to detect NPCs on the fly instead of working from a fixed list, in theory providing better coverage for current and future mod NPCs
* All components restrictions have been updated with an eye towards the imminent IWDEE release. Explicit changes to the components themselves were made for Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues (Weimer)
* Two-Handed Axes will now adjust the contents of IWD Item Upgrade to account for the two-handed alternates on IWD-in-BG2 games

- Garrick's Infatuation Beta b20140925 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed looping 'sun and stars' talk
* Typo fixes (thanks hook71)
* Tra-ified mod

- The Icewind Dale II NPC Project v5 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Streamlined audio decompression
* Fixed a dialogue loop in a Rizdaer-Diriel banter

- NPC Kitpack v4 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Added Polish (thanks yarpen) and Russian (thanks Kania, Malekith & aerie.ru) translations
* Made EE-compatible

- Song & Silence v6 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Raoul will now appear in the Nashkel Carnival for BGT games
* Updated all kits and content to work on BGEE/BGIIEE games
* Streamlined install of Raoul's audio
* Purged several empty/unused/unnecessary files, consolidated others

- Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 v14 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Updated to be EE-compatible

- Widescreen Mod v3.06 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed search map regession in PST and TotSC (thanks: Aqrit)
* Rebuild WallGroup table in PST and TotSC (thanks: Aqrit and Scient)
* Fixed cursor scrolling in TotSC (thanks: Acra)
* Portoguese translation (thanks: Felipe)
* French translation update (thanks: Isaya)

- Baldur's Gate Quests and Encounters v9 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Addition of NPC reactions
* Addition of one encounter and an easter egg quest
* Quest extension: Nashkell Monster
* All quests are now separate install components
* lib tpas corrected
* Update to WeiDU v236

- BG1 Tweaks v5 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Updated to WeiDU 236
* Fixed the ankheg plate armor so it won't break if Breakable Iron Non-Magic Armor, Shields and Helms is installed
* Added Sensible Entrance Points component

- Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters - nowy mod zapewniający mozliwość flirtowania i romansowania z napotkanymi NPC-ami (uwaga, niektóre opisy dla starszych graczy) - modyfikację można pobrać stąd.

- Vynd NPC v1 - nowy mod pozwalający przyjąć do drużyny drowiego zabójcę Vynda. Można po spotkać w Płonącym Czarodzieju, w Beregoście - modyfikację można pobrać stąd.

- NPC Strongholds v1 - nowy mod pozwalający postaciom z drużyny na zdobycie własnej twierdzy. Ot teraz, nie tylko postać główna może takową posiadać - modyfikację można pobrać stąd.
Then they summoned me over to join in with them
To the dance of the death.
Into the circle of fire I followed them
Into the middle I was led
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