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[03/07/2009] Narzędzia do modowania
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Wysłany: 2009-07-03, 10:42   [03/07/2009] Narzędzia do modowania

:arrow: Pojawiła się nowa(v211.00) wersja WeiDU.
lista zmian napisał/a:

* In macro-world, ADD_SPELL_CFEFFECT added.
* Ton of readme fixes (Taimon, vit-mg, Mike1072).
* {READ,GET}_STRREF_{F,S,FS} for getting the female/sound string references.
* --log-extern for logging the output of AT_* calls. Coded by Taimon.
* Detailed error message if LAUNCH_*_FUNCTION specifies a not-defined return
* MOD_IS_INSTALLED (and probably something else) is now case-insensitive.
* AT_* EXACT doesn't alter the case.
* README can accept any number of file names. All are tried in order, and the
first one will be opened.
* EXTEND_MOS respects transparency tiles for compatibility with TutuGUI.
* ADD_STORE_ITEM blah AT 5 added for devSin.
* Correctly evaluate variables in strings like ~50% %var%~.
* EXTEND_TOP/BOTTOM ~scripts/myfile.bs~ ~myfile.baf~ now works.
* OUTER_SET var += -= *= etc. added.
* --dcmp-from --dcmp-to 'works' if from has less states than to.
* --game-by-type for setting the game path using the game directories in the
register. Doesn't work on Mac or Linux.
* If there is no chitin.key in ./ (and --game and friends is not specified),
try looking for a game installation in ../, ../../, etc (up to four levels
of depth).
* Qwinn's ADD_AREA_REGION_TRIGGER macro added.
* STRING_SET_EVALUATE also accepts strings as first argument
* WRITE_EVALUATED_ASCII now also allows arrays as second argument

Download - wersja dla Windows
Download - wersja dla systemu Linux

:arrow: Dostępna jest nowa(7.1d) wersja programu DLTCEP. Zmiany obejmują poprawienie działania edytora var.var oraz ulepszenie wyszukiwarki projectile.
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