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[15/12/2008] Dzynksy, szpeja i inne toolsy
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Wysłany: 2008-12-15, 16:31   [15/12/2008] Dzynksy, szpeja i inne toolsy

Pojawiła się nowa(209.00) wersja WeiDU
Pozwolę sobie zacytować listę zmian:
* Various tweaks to compiling process. I hate Make; thankfully Taimon doesn't.
* A lot of readme fixes and tweaks. I hate Tex; thankfully Taimon doesn't.
* Refactored the tp2 handler for easiness of tweaking.
* Components under GROUP will always be uninstalled if their predicate fails.
* Apply the IF_EVAL bug even if there is an (implicit or explicit)
NO_IF_EVAL_BUG and the current action uses IF_EVAL.
* Many more variable evaluations.
* FUNCTIONs added. Pending documentation.
* REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT* is case insensitive in the pattern.
* D REPLACE_*_TEXT_REGEXP and tp2 EXTEND_*_REGEXP also work on override files.
* GLOB is always assumed under Elkhound for C_E_R, unless you specify NOGLOB.
* Can parse STATE_NORMAL in state.ids.
* Spurious "Warning at src/dc.ml.203" killed unless in --debug-ocaml mode.
* ADD_PROJECTILE appends to missile.ids as well. Kudos to Galactycon.
* Fixes to the macros. Thanks to Taimon.
* Changes under-the-hood to the MACRO/FUNCTION library to facilitate write
access to multiple authors.
* ADD_{PROJECTILE,MUSIC,KIT} doesn't add twice if you're a bifftard.
* In BAF-type sources, you can write """"""(some,really)w!acky s*ym[]bol""""""
(five double quotes) to get it parsed as a single symbol. Useful for stuff
like animate.ids in PST. WeiDU will automatically output this when
decompiling BCS-type sources.
* Linux WeiDU calls on OCaml 3.10.2.
* Under the hood tweaks to some CRE functions. Thanks to Taimon for coding
* Point parameters in IWD1 BCS files are preserved.
* --tlk-cmp-to/from now outputs a working tp2 snippet.
* --automate works correctly for all games. TBD.
* {{,S}{BYTE,SHORT},LONG}_AT offset, for reading a value from the buffer in
value-land (without requiring the READ_* bit).
* --bcmp-to/from decompiles the BCS sources for optimal readability of the
resulting diff.
* --textcmp-to/from for textual diffs (2da, ids files).
* --dcmp-to/from prints APPENDs for the states that are in the new dialogue
file but not the old one.
* If --*cmp-from is omitted, grab the file from the biffs and/or override;
also, the patch is printed as a COPY_EXISTING rather than a COPY.
* Running APPLY_BCS_PATCH or whatever will print the text and the patch for
easiness of debugging.
* GAME_IS BGT added.
* Tweaks to the TP parser (MOD_IS_INSTALLED).
* GAME_IS TOB will identify DLTC.
* --game path/with/trailing/slash/ now works.
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