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Zadania - Translation to English

Arthas - 2020-01-14, 12:58
Temat postu: Translation to English
does anyone know if Sovereign will ever be released in English? I'm very much interested into it, and I'm pretty sure there are other people too...

Arthas - 2020-04-10, 11:14

Question: I discovered now that Sovereign was already translated in English since


I wonder: is there any Polish native that wants to proofread it ? If there is a chance, head to and ask Nightfarer.

Cahir - 2020-04-10, 11:57

Arthas, which exactly mod do you mean? I'm not familiar with mod called Sovereign. Are you sure it's Polish mod?
torian - 2020-04-10, 12:10
Cahir - 2020-04-10, 12:48

Oh, right. Didn't notice tp2 name is completely different that actual mod name.

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