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Candlekeep - Nowe wersje modów [X 2014]

Cahir - 2014-10-14, 07:56
Temat postu: Nowe wersje modów [X 2014]
Jesień, jesień już za pasem, nadchodzi czas długich wieczorów spędzonych na wędrówkach po Wybrzeżu Mieczy i Amn. A twórcy modów nie próżnują. Oto kolejne aktualizacje i coś nowego dla entuzjastów BG:EE.

- Distinguishable clubs v1.1 - niewielki mod dodający nowe grafiki dla kilku maczug występujących w BG:EE. Mod można pobrać stąd

- Kivan and Deheriana Companions v15 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed a number of crash bugs for BGIIEE caused by a lack of character set conversion
* Fixed a bug where some items, notably Kivan's bow and shield, would disappear from his inventory
* Jozzi now properly re-appears after defeating the Sahuagin king
* Fixed a bug where Lilarcor would banter with Kivan despite not being equipped
* Fixed bugs with a handful of banters that ended with NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS
* Fixed a bug with the description of Kivan's arrows
* Streamlined install

- Sarah v4 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* French translation by Le Marquis from Les d'Oghmatiques
* Fixed k#sarahb.d and k#sarahb.tra: @670 and @671 were present twice, with different texts
* Fixed directory name for BG II portraits (was "bge" while tp2 uses "bg2")
* Fixed large portrait for BG2EE (it was the same as medium)
* Updated the tp2 to take into account the charset for BG2EE as per the new solution used in Edwin Romance V2.06
* WeiDU Updated to v236

- BG2 Tweak Pack v16 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd.
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Fixed a bug where Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items or Remove Fatigue from Restoration Spells would not work in 1% of circumstances
* Fixed a bug that prevented Remove Delay for Magical Traps (Ardanis/GeN1e) from installing
* Remove Racial Restrictions for Single Classes will now change the maximum charisma for dwarves to 17, allowing them to become paladins and preventing a freeze during character creation
* Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six was not taking advantage of the fixed worldmap for BGIIEE games
* Modernized install for Sensible Entrance Points, specifically the tileset unpack for the changed NORH
* Added Jerrod's Mace to the Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent
* Removed internal debug code from Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight
* Do Not Reveal City Maps missed a couple of area reveals via cutscene, notably Waukeen's Promenade being revealed during the Irenicus/Cowled Wizard cutscene

- BG1 Romantic Encounters v1.1 - nową wersję można pobrać stąd
A oto pełna lista zmian:

* Tweaking of text line to make the private Bjornin encounter less ambiguous
* Tweaking of Dirty Guard encounter to remove verbal threats towards the PC
* Shortened the Bartus component to remove too dark content
* Re-arranged the installer for a new install choice "skip components with warnings" plus according readme-edits
* Removed listing of vanilla BG1 from the readme's compatibility list

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